Host a Love Lust By Sami Party


Hi! I am Shannon Martinez, aka, Sami! My mom nicknamed me that when I was learning to play softball in the 6th grade!  Get to know me and I'll tell you the whole story! My passion in life is to support women, whether you own your own business or are a stay at home mom! (My sister home schools 3 children under the age of 11)  It's imperative to feel comfortable in your own skin, no matter what shape or size! I started my online company in 2016 and we continue to expand and grow! 

Love Lust by Sami parties are both exciting and unique. Our Sami parties are very tasteful and educational.  I am so excited to bring you products that I believe in!  We will enjoy naughty games and education on different types of lubes, potions and toys!  I am not afraid to share my personal experiences with my customers or party guests.  Hostesses will receive a percentage off depending on the sales of her party.    As well as, special promotions!  You bring the friends and we'll supply the flirty frisky fun! 

I am in the process of finishing my sex education certification, this will allow me to speak even more intelligently about my hand selected products and educate women on what to use and what not to use.  

Thank you for your interest in wanting to learn more about sex, romance and love!